Nationwide Distribution

In 2005, the response from the Turkish-American community was so immense, that it was time to apply for nationwide distribution.

Ingram Periodicals, the leading distribution company that Barnes & Noble and Borders worked with, accepted Turkuaz and the 7th issue of the magazine made it to 130 prominent bookstores in 33 major states in the US.

In New York, the magazine was placed next to Time and Newsweek on the shelves at the entry of the Borders on 2nd Avenue, the closest bookstore to United Nations. That historic 7th issue reached 70% sale success on the shelves.



Managing Editor at Turkuaz Magazine
Founder and Director of Turkuaz Productions, LLC.

"Turkuaz gradually became an international name and a welcoming platform for Turkish Expats worldwide. I can only be proud to have initiated such an influential movement."


Turkish Therapy

Flying to more countries than any other airline, Turkish Airlines treats you to a delicious cuisine, extensive inflight entertainment and plenty of legroom on your way to the legendary turquoise waters of your "Turkish Therapy".


The invisible population of 6 million Turkish Expats are connected via our online platform. Visit our digital 'Republic' to learn more. 

Connect, Share, Inspire!

We bring you a list of published content on the lives of Turkish Expats around the world. 

Send us your ideas, videos and opinions on what else we should cover on our pages. We look forward to publishing your experience with the International Turkish Community.

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Turkuaz Magazine

Turkuaz is the premier source of community news, celebrity interviews, fashion and lifestyle of International Turks around the world.

The mission of Turkuaz is to provide an ongoing forum in which Turkish Expats can connect, share and inspire one another.

Since its first issue in 2002, Turkuaz has evolved from a community-oriented quarterly in San Francisco, to a cultural publication in the US, and now a digital video-magazine that caters to the collective experience of Turks living abroad.

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