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Eser Turan
Eser Turan

Racism impedes Tourism
6 July 2020

June was a tough month of anti-racism rallies around the world. As people mourned the killing of George Floyd under police custody, a global reaction to white supremacist politics gained momentum.

This momentum however did not steer the EU from their racist politics against Turkey. In an appaling decision, the EU countries that enjoyed Turkey's worldwide success and generosity during the pandemic, just could not bring themselves to lift travel warnings and enlist Turkey as a Covid-safe country.

This ugly face of European betrayal reignited Turkey's disillusionment with the West and short of fueling discussions to leave NATO, Ankara started debating Hagia Sophia's museum status, viewing the UNESCO Heritage Site as more of a political power indicator than a tourist destination.

A similar frustration with the racist European approach was experienced by Turkish-German politicians in the German Parliament. Both Cem Ozdemir and Gokay Akbulut reacted to AfD and reasoned that the violent Stuttgart riots stemmed from racist politics.

On a lighter note, food critic Vedat Milor's documentary 'Rehber' is a great reference on Turkish cuisine. Sahara restaurant's 20 year-old fame makes it a hot spot in Sydney. Lastly, Sahika Ercumen's dive in the Bosphorus to draw attention to pollution is historic.

Looking forward to a great month of health, we hope you will be able to make it to Turkey for your summer vacation.

Eser Turan
Founder and Editor

Hagia Sophia becomes a political gambit
EU’s failure to enlist Turkey among Covid-safe destinations triggers a political debate on whether Istanbul’s most political museum, the glorious Hagia Sophia, should be converted back into a mosque.


Nurhak Haber, yurt dışında yaşayan Türklerin Türkiye siyasetini takip etme rehberidir. Yurt dışında vatan hasreti çeken, Türkiye'de çağdaş, bağımsız ve demokratik bir düzen görmek isteyen Türklere yayın yapar.
Vedat Milor's gastronomy documentary: 'Rehber'
Turkey's international food critic and TV host Vedat Milor produces 'Rehber' on the key elements of Turkish gastronomy, comparing and contrasting traditional vs modern Turkish cuisine.

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    Germany, Belgium, France, UK
    the Netherlands, Turkey

Sahara by Burwood Park presents a wonderfully calm, cozy and exotic dining experience since 2000 in the Australian capital Sydney, offering sumptuous dishes from the traditional Ottoman cuisine.

    Sahara Restaurant

    Authentic Turkish cuisine by Burwood Park

    Sydney, Australia


    RUYA Coffee

    Turkish-American entrepreneur Melissa Aydogan's pop-up coffee house
    in Cincinnati sells its own brand of dark coffee.

    Ohio, USA


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Cem Ozdemir criticizes the AfD
3 JULY 2020
Following the violent Stuttgart riots, Turkish-German politician Cem Ozdemir gave a powerful speech at the German Parliament, criticizing AfD’s racist approach that spreads fear and hate.
Gokay Akbulut accuses the AfD
3 JULY 2020
In her speech at the German Parliament, Turkish-German politician Gokay Akbulut of die Links Party accused the ultra-nationalist German Party, the AfD, of becoming the biggest security threat to the German society, by linking the Stuttgart riots to the immigrants.
Riots and looting in Stuttgart
22 JUNE 2020
A routine drug arrest in the German city of Stuttgart erupted into violent riots and widespread looting on Saturday night, leaving 24 rioters arrested and 19 police officers injured, said city authorities.

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Şahika Ercümen dives in the Bosphorus for ecology
1 JULY 2020
On Turkey's Maritime Day, multiple world-record holder and free-diving champion Şahika Ercümen dives in the Bosphorus to highlight plastic waste pollution.


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